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"His Invisible Qualities Are Clearly Seen. . ."


About Our Tours

Connecting Creation With God's Qualities

Come explore the mighty Amazon Rainforest! Why is it unique?  How does Jehovah provide for the animals, plants, fish, and people, both physically and spiritually here in the Amazon?  We are really looking forward to guiding you on your next adventure.

We are a group of pioneers who moved to Suriname from 5 different countries.  We serve in 3 different language congregations in Suriname, the northern gateway to the Amazon.  Besides our amazing brothers and sisters, the next thing we love about being here is the beauty of the land and animals.  We can't wait to meet YOU!


For Bethelites, Regular Pioneers, Missionaries, SFTS, and residents of Suriname, we offer you all tours at no charge.  Please contact us for details at amazonbibletours@gmail.com


We know we are living in "times hard to deal with."  Many are dealing with difficult economic conditions, so please contact us if you would benefit from a discounted or free tour.  Email us at amazonbibletours@gmail.com


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