Tour Guides

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Hi! We are Mike and Myrthe from Hilversum, the Netherlands. After several years of pioneering, we moved to Suriname to serve where the need is greater.  We planned  to help out for a year, but Jehovah showed us he wanted us to stay when we received an invitation for the SKE, and here we are 5 years later. We lived in Nickerie for 4 years, where we served in the Dutch and English congs.  We later moved to Paramaribo, Suriname's capital city, where we now serve in the Suriname Sign Language cong. We have learned a lot about the Amazon from the locals, beautiful things connected to the Truth. We’d love to share those with you, and we’re looking forward to meeting you on one of our tours!

Myrthe & Mike


We are a multicultural couple with roots in Venezuela/Italy as well as Germany. Suriname became our home some six years ago when we, on our search for a territory with greater need, with the help of friends, spotted this little known country. Our intention was to stay for one year. However we are still here. In the past we did tours with brothers through the country and even professionally for agencies. We fell in love with the beauty of Jehovah’s creation here as well as appreciate Jehovah’s support serving in the English field first and then in the Spanish field. Now we would love to share our excitement with you!

Jan & Silvana

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We are excited to be your tour guides!  We moved to Suriname about a year ago. 3 of us are pioneers and our son is finishing high school this year. We serve in an English congregation (English is a foreign language here).  We would love to share our experiences of leaving the USA to serve in a foreign country as well as share with you some of what we've learned about the the incredible Amazon Rainforest where we now live.....where the Howler Monkeys hang out right near our home and sing to us daily.... :o)

Carver & Lee Ann & Jeff & Kira